Our six specialty services are proven to effectively spread your message to your target audience wherever they are online. They include:


With a little know-how, businesses can increase their target audience through Facebook. PPC Boutique helps clients build a profile, grow their fan base, post updates, create groups, and use social ads to build their online presence and brand their business.

We use demographic and psychographic research to create custom audiences for your business, and bid analyses determine pay-per-click rates and target key performance indicators (KPIs). PPC Boutique also conducts tracking and split-testing to experiment with different hooks, images, and landing pages to produce optimal results for your business.


Google AdWords networks include Search Network and Display Network ads. PPC Boutique runs both campaigns together or separately, depending on your needs and budget. We conduct keyword research as well as tracking and conversion to improve traffic results.

Google’s Display Network can send your video and interactive ads to over 90% of global Internet users, helping to expand your presence. Search Network ads appear in search results, and also in Google-powered sites, like Google Maps and Google Shopping, as well as non-Google sites, such as AOL.com and Ask.com.


Strategically-placed videos can drive traffic to your website and grow your target audience. PPC Boutique employs specialty tools and resources, including branding, optimizing metadata, annotations, playlists, and paid ads to cost-effectively place your videos and ads so they reach the right people and get them to respond.


Media buying involves purchasing advertising from a media outlet, such as a television station, newspaper, magazine, blog, or website. PPC Boutique conducts research to identify your target market, objectives, strategy, and plan. As your media buyer, PPC Boutique will negotiate, budget, and monitor your advertising space to build your business’ reputation.


With the goal of putting more content in front of a larger audience, native advertising platforms include Facebook, Google Display, Outbrain, and YouTube. PPC Boutique tailors your native advertisements to maximize your company’s exposure while looking organic and non-promotional.

Native ad options include in-feed native ads, search and promoted listings, content recommendation widgets, and custom content units.


We design sales funnels to attract your target audience and convert them into paying customers. A well-designed marketing funnel is an absolute must for any profitable business. No matter how good your ad is or how much money you invest in your campaigns, if you don’t have a well-planned marketing funnel, you can end up leaving thousands of dollars (or more) on the table.


PPC Boutique designs the most effective email marketing campaigns based on clients’ needs, to follow-up with prospects until they are ready to buy, or buy again. We also create and track important marketing data, including email click-through rates, opt-in rates, and optimized sales conversion and overall performance over time.

PPC Boutique focuses on serving a select group of clients to deliver a higher level of experience to the table for maximum results. If you’re interested in learning more about creating a customized online marketing campaign to grow your internet presence, contact PPC Boutique today Click Now.

PPC Boutique is an independent branch of Sam Bell’s Internet marketing and consulting firm, Netmarket Resources.Our Founders


  • Planning Consultation
  • Custom Website w/ onsite SEO INCLUDED
  • Installation of tracking software
  • Landing Pages
  • Keyword Research
  • Bid Management
  • Custom Designed Banner Ads
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Status report


Phase 1: Initial Analysis & Campaign Set up: 30 days


Goal Setting & Objectives                                              Determine the specific business revenue needs the campaign should address

Keyword Research                                                           Identify the best performing keywords for maximum ROI

Bid rate Analysis                                                              Determine cost per click for selected keywords

Budget Analysis & Recommendations                       Based on desired budget, identifies the amount of leads/clicks the campaign can expect to achieve

Ad Creative Planning & Research                               Determine the optimal look & feel to attract quality traffic/leads

Cost Analysis & Reporting                                             Monthly report detailing CPC/EPC


Website creation                                                              Build SEO optimized website & onsite SEO completed

Banner Ad creation                                                         All campaign ads constructed & ready to be disseminated

Campaign creation                                                          Campaign Setup in Google Adwords

Tracking                                                                             Install software for conversation tracking & Analytics

Execution                                                                           Campaign goes live and tracking of results begins

Phase 2: Testing & Tracking: 30 days

Keyword split-testing                                                  Testing keywords against the control group to determine if changes are needed

Conversion testing                                                       Analysis of data to determine conversion rates are delivering maximum ROI

Phase 3: Monthly Maintenance

Because of the fluid and evolving nature of a PPC campaign ongoing support is essential to maintaining your initial investment and achieved results. The monthly support includes additional landing pages and continuous testing of new ads to increase conversions and maximize ROI.

*Monthly maintenance is billed separately


  • Landing pages
  • Bid management
  • Custom Designed Testing Ads
  • Status reports (monthly)
  • Keyword Research


Bid management                                                              Monitoring overall CPC to ensure daily limits are sufficient or require adjustment/cancellation

Keyword Modification                                                     Updated keyword research to ensure keywords continue to be relevant

Testing New Landing Pages                                           Continuous ad creation for testing purposes

Cost analysis & reporting                                               Monthly report detailing CPC/EPC


The PPC Boutique was created to specifically address the PPC needs of Information marketers with special focus and expertise on Real Estate and Internet educational products.

Not all PPC campaigns are created equal and knowledge of the campaign’s target market and the inner workings of the target industry as a whole are beneficial for optimal results. The PPC Boutique exclusively services Information marketers where our experience in the industry can provide the largest ROI for our clients.



The PPC Boutique will craft a customized PPC solution to be implemented over Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing via Microsoft Ad center. Google Adwords is of course is the largest search network but has a major downside with the Google protocols and the dreaded "Google Slap" which results in banned accounts and de-activated campaigns..

PPC Boutique uses a proprietary process for maintaining optimal results while remaining Google compliant. Avoiding the activities that typically result in a Google Ban while also maintaining a high ROI is a delicate process which we have perfected. If your account has already been banned