Native advertising is a type of online advertising that replicates the natural form and function of the online platform it is placed on.

In other words…it’s getting your message out and driving traffic in a way that looks natural. It also aspires to grow, be more viral and shared, and appear throughout the Web.

Based on your business, PPCBoutique can assess how native advertising can benefit your company. Our goal is to create the highest probability of your message reaching and speaking to your audience.
Therefore, we offer native advertising on Facebook’s platform, as well as on Google Display, Outbrain, and other content networks.
Take a look at some of the different types of native advertising options:

1. In-feed native ads

These ads are created to match the format of the website on which they appear. The ads can appear as in-feed promotions or sponsored content. These types of ads are popular on mainstream websites, such as YouTube, LinkedIn, and BuzzFeed.

2. Search and promoted listings

Popular among shopping sites, such as Google, Amazon, and Etsy, these ads are meant to replicate the user’s browsing experience. They are different from in-feed native ads, because they are not featured on traditional content-driven sites.

3. Content recommendation widgets

Probably the least blended type of native ad is the content recommendation widget. These types of ads use a preview of their content featured in widgets to attract traffic. For example, sites like Gravity and Outbrain use recommendation widgets.

4. Custom content units

Tumblr, Pandora, and Spotify are known for using custom content unit native ads. These types of ads can also be described as native because they are adapted to the user’s experience on the site. For example, customized and sponsored playlists that appear on Pandora.
If you’re still not convinced that native advertising is right for you, keep reading. The main purpose of native advertising is to get more content in front of a larger audience.
You want to be sure you are targeting the right audience at the right time with the right message. Through promoted tweets and featured videos, native advertising is aimed to enhance the user experience while being non-interruptive.
Implementing native advertising on some of the largest social media platforms in the world is a very smart method for integrating and monetizing your content into feeds. The increased exposure will enhance the likelihood of reaching an outside audience, attracting new clients and customers.
PPCBoutique wants to provide you with the highest quality advertising to sell your products and services and help you reach your goals. Jumpstart your way to a successful campaign by contacting PPCBoutique today to learn how native advertising can help your business grow.
If it turns out we’re not a good fit for working together, you may also be interested in our training materials in order to create and manage your own native advertising campaigns.