Media buying is when you purchase advertising directly from a media
outlet, such as a:

• Television station
• Newspaper
• Magazine
• Blog, or
• Website

Depending on the advertising campaign, the costs can vary. Many companies choose to hire “Media Buyers” to negotiate campaign contracts.

With PPCBoutique as your Media Buyer, we will negotiate, budget, and monitor your advertising space. We conduct research to identify your target market, objectives, strategy, and plan.

How Can PPCBoutique Handle Media Buying for You?

1. Knowing Who to Reach

In order to identify which channels to advertise your business on, we’ll ask you the important questions, such as:
• Who is your target market?
• Are they male or female?
• Are they young or old?

2. Find Out Where They are Online

Once you’ve established who your target market is, the next step is to conduct market research to find them, whether they’re online users, television viewers, or newspaper readers.
Narrowing your media channels enables you to effectively and quickly reach your audience without wasting time and money advertising elsewhere.

3. Set Objectives

Setting objectives allows you to address the purpose of your media buy and the function it serves. For a successful media campaign, we will address where you should buy media, how to set a budget, and what final components your media plan should contain.
You’re allowed to be detailed and picky, because it’s your investment. And, in the end, we want to assure you the highest quality when it comes to selling your business.

4. Negotiate & Manage Your Ad Campaigns

The last and final step of media buying is executing and following through with your plan. This is when the negotiations with media channels begin.
We will contact the media channels of your choice and negotiate the rates according to your budget. Prices vary, depending on your target audience and the level of exposure of your advertisement.
As with real estate, the price is determined by where the ad is placed. Other factors include:

• How many pages the ad will be featured on
• The ads’ size and duration
• The website’s traffic and user demographics

PPC Boutique helps you to start right, keep track of deadlines, and get results. If you’re unsatisfied with your plan objectives, we’ll help you adjust your plan as necessary.
PPCBoutique wants to help build your business’ reputation and put you on the path to success. Contact PPCBoutique today to discuss the best service for your campaign. If it turns out we’re not a good fit for working together, you may also be interested in our training materials in order to create and manage your own media buying campaigns.