Directing traffic from YouTube to your website is easier than it seems. If you’re interested in reaching as many potential customers as possible, or increasing your conversions through repetition, then it pays not to forget about Youtube advertising.

With paid video ads, you only pay when someone views your ad, saving you money. And, paid ads offer the advantage of identifying your target audience before you expand your advertising to attract a bigger audience.

Here’s how we can help you to start growing your business through Youtube advertising:

1. Branding Your Channel

The first step is to set up your own branded YouTube channel. With customized backgrounds, headers, and additional features, we can create a unique experience for your audience. You want your viewers to see a channel that stands out and is relevant to their needs so none of your traffic is needlessly turned away.

2. Optimizing Metadata

We can take your videos and upload them to Youtube properly, for maximum effect. This includes metadata—the information that defines your video.

The metadata of a YouTube video consists of title, description, and tags with keywords for optimizing searches. YouTube and Google use a search algorithm to determine your video’s subject and rank it in search results accordingly, to help you find a relevant audience.

3. Incorporating Annotations

Often referred to as a call to action for your video, annotations are pop-up windows that allow you to ask the viewer to engage with your business by subscribing to your channel or commenting on and liking your video.

Annotations are free traffic drivers. Their visibility makes it easier for the user to interact with you and your channel. Annotations also function as a lure for users to subscribe to your channel so they receive updates on future content you post. Getting viewers to subscribe via annotations is one of the most successful marketing strategies on YouTube, and it’s surprising how few marketers do it.

4. Placing Your Videos

Our tools and resources allow us to find videos related to yours and run ads on them—as well as your competitors’ channels if they allow ads. We also employ keyword-based targeting tactics and implement Google to run your ads on relevant webpages outside of Youtube.

And, if that’s not enough, we retarget past visitors back to your website and videos with ads that follow them around the internet.

PPCBoutique Wants to Help You

To help you use YouTube to your advantage, PPCBoutique offers many different ways to run ads on YouTube. We roll out every campaign tailored to the needs of our clients so that you can reach your audience. If you don’t have a video, we will provide a partial script and examples to help you create your own.

Contact PPCBoutique today to help your business receive the maximum results it deserves. If it turns out we’re not a good fit for working together, you may also be interested in our training materials in order to create and manage your own Youtube ad campaigns.