Let PPCBoutique help you with your next Google marketing campaign. Our services include assistance with Search Network and Display Network advertising.

Search Network allows you to limit your audience to those actively searching for your keywords, whereas Display Network is used to reach a broader audience. At PPCBoutique, we encourage you to advertise with both networks.

These advertisements can target users who are looking for your business and increase brand awareness.

Display Network

• The Display Network allows you to create different types of ads, including video and interactive ads, while also managing your budget and tracking results.
• Your ad is placed on relevant websites to be shown to people who would most likely be interested in your business.
• Display Network ads reach more than one million websites partnered with Google, including YouTube, Gmail, and other types of Google Display Network sites, such as ecommerce and blog websites.
• Your ads are shown and shared with everyone, including target websites relevant to your ad to reach potential customers and previous visitors to your website.
• Display Network ads tend to reach more people than Search Network ads. Using the Google Display Network alone can send your ads to over 90% of global Internet users, helping to expand your presence.
• Benefits and uses of Display Network ads include brand familiarizing (promoting awareness and opportunities to connect with an audience on relevant websites, more specifically, your target audience), remarketing (bringing previous customers back to your site and renewing their interest in your company), and video advertising (YouTube is a great example of an increasingly popular and powerful way to help you attract more traffic).

Search Network

• Ads in the Search Network appear on in Google search results, as well as Google-powered sites like Google Maps and Google Shopping, and also non-Google sites such as AOL.com and Ask.com. Reaching out to non-Google sites is beneficial because it allows your business to target audiences wherever they may be online.
• Search Network ads appear in the right-hand column of search results when a person searches Google for words or phrases related to your ad. These searches are usually fueled by an active searcher’s need for a specific service or product, which leads them to your ad.
• Search Network allows Google to predict where your ads will benefit performance to help your business in the long run.
• Search Network ads are especially beneficial if you are working with a smaller budget. Adding Display Network ads is recommended when budget and time permits to further improve ad visibility.

PPCBoutique Wants to Help You

PPCBoutique wants your business to succeed, and we believe that your company can benefit with Search and Display Network ads. We offer to run both campaigns for you separately or together, as your budget permits.
To help you create impactful optimizations, we conduct keyword research as well as tracking and conversion to improve traffic results for you over time. We also create campaigns and ad groups to benefit your campaign structure.
PPCBoutique wants to help you find the right audience for your business. If you’re ready to start your Google ad campaign, contact us today. If it turns out we’re not a good fit for working together, you may also be interested in our training materials in order to create and manage your own Google ad campaigns.