A sales funnel is a marketing model that depicts a new customer’s journey—from first discovering your brand toward the eventual purchase of your product or service and beyond.

The idea is to have promotional campaigns that target your customer throughout the different stages of their journey. Doing this will not only keep your ads relevant—it will help move them forward to the next step much faster than a general advertisement will.

1. Creating Awareness

The sales funnel begins by creating awareness and capturing the attention of consumers. No one can buy from you until they’ve discovered you. We want these consumers to become buyers, so first, you need to connect with your audience and inform them why they need what you offer.

2. Lead Capture

Once you’ve gotten your targeted consumer’s attention and trust, you can ask them for their name and email. Through capturing email addresses, you can begin to offer them specialized products and services over time. It makes no sense to spend time and money attracting people only to have them visit once and then disappear with no way to contact them.

3. Make the Sale (and Future Sales)

This step helps convert your subscribers into paying buyers. Once they’re satisfied with your service, they become responsive consumers who will provide you with the majority of your profits. As most business people know, it’s much easier to make a repeat sale than a firt-time sale.

At PPCBoutique, we do not produce cookie-cutter sales funnels. Our service assesses clients’ needs and makes recommendations that will lead them down the path that is most successful for your business and goals.

We can use the marketing service of your choice (such as InfusionSoft), to create and track the following:

• Email click-through rates.
• Increased opt-in rates.
• Optimized performance over time.
• Sales conversion rates.
• Tie email sequences.
• Triggers and actions.
• What emails are sent to whom and when.

Our extensive experience with running a lot of traffic enables us to choose the best funnel for your business. You’ll see the source of your leads and the profitability of your traffic methods.

Don’t make the mistake of using complex ninja funnels when all you need is a minimal viable funnel (something that will impress the first wave of traffic to keep them coming back to your service).

PPCBoutique can help you simplify so you can roll out with paid traffic. Reach out to PPCBoutique to start your successful marketing campaign. If it turns out we’re not a good fit for working together, you may also be interested in our training materials in order to create and manage your own sales funnel.