Facebook offers opportunities to businesses to reach only those people who are interested in your topic or product, and to get your ads in front of them cost-effectively. With Facebook, you can have access to more people than any other platform besides Google, and grow your following as well as drive traffic and sales.

At PPCBoutique, our goal is to ensure that you have the highest probability of reaching and speaking to your audience. Here is how we can help you to get more traffic from Facebook:

1. Building Your Business Page

The first step to driving more traffic is setting up a Facebook fan page or business page. You want to build a complete an authoritative page so people will get to know you and your brand better and become interested in your business. The Facebook page template is actually very adaptable, allowing you to move boxes and important links to improve visibility.

2. Updating and Posting

Once your profile is complete, you should post daily or as frequently as you can, sharing tips and ideas, updates about your business, as well as pictures and short videos to your feed to build interest in your products and services. We can help you to create and monitor a posting schedule so you never fall behind.

3. Targeting the Right People

We conduct demographic and psychographic research to create custom audiences for your business. Then, you won’t waste any money showing ads to people who aren’t going to buy from you.

4. Managing Ads

Facebook allows you to run ads that will appear on News Feeds and the sidebar. We conduct bid analyses to determine what you can pay per click (PPC) or lead and help you set target key performance indicators (KPIs).
We also run retargeting campaigns, which will show your ads again to people who clicked through to your website. In this way, your ads will follow up with prospects for you until they take your desired action. This alone can double the return on your marketing dollars.

5. Tracking and Improvement

We strive to improve or beat target KPIs, in addition to creating and running ads for you, through tracking and split-testing to experiment with different hooks, images, landing pages, etc. With time and attention, your cost per customer will decrease and you’ll get even more results!
At PPCBoutique, we focus on working with a select handful of the best clients to bring a higher level of experience to the table to get maximum results. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your business grow, contact PPCBoutique today.
If it turns out we’re not a good fit for working together, you may also be interested in our training materials in order to create and manage your own Facebook ad campaigns.