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Traffic is the lifeblood of any Internet-based business. All information marketers who offer products and services online regardless of the industry or niche’ needs traffic. In fact, your sole purpose should be to get your message in front of as many qualified prospects as possible and present your offer which will add value to your prospect’s life in exchange for money. That may seem to be overly simplistic, but in the information marketing business this is what we do or should be doing in a nutshell.

The challenge for most information marketers, especially new comers; is that it can be difficult to spread your message to your target audience online without the proper knowledge or training in lead generation. That’s the #1 reason most information marketers start out in their businesses with joint ventures and working with solid organizations like AMG.

The great part about operating in a joint venture is that you can get instant access to targeted traffic with an endorsement from the list owner or joint venture partner. That presents a phenomenal opportunity for you. In fact, many people have gone on to build six and seven figure information marketing businesses just using this one strategy alone.


The PPC Boutique was created to specifically address the PPC needs of Information marketers with special focus and expertise on Real Estate and Internet educational products.

Not all PPC campaigns are created equal and knowledge of the campaign’s target market and the inner workings of the target industry as a whole are beneficial for optimal results. The PPC Boutique exclusively services Information marketers where our experience in the industry can provide the largest ROI for our clients.



The PPC Boutique will craft a customized PPC solution to be implemented over Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing via Microsoft Ad center. Google Adwords is of course is the largest search network but has a major downside with the Google protocols and the dreaded "Google Slap" which results in banned accounts and de-activated campaigns..

PPC Boutique uses a proprietary process for maintaining optimal results while remaining Google compliant. Avoiding the activities that typically result in a Google Ban while also maintaining a high ROI is a delicate process which we have perfected. If your account has already been banned